Excursion Course Matsushima Cruise and the History of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake


Min 25 Persons
Tour Date5th June 2019
Tour FeeJPY7,500/person (Includes Lunch Box & Matsushima Cruise)
Tour Course Active Resort Miyagi Zao13:00 ⇒ Shiogama Marine Gate 14:30 ⇒ Matsushima Cruise 15:20 ⇒ Matsushima Free Time 16:20 ⇒ Saigyou Park 1635 ⇒ leave for Sendai Station 17:05 ⇒ Sendai Station 17:40

"Matushima" is well known as one of the best scenic spots in Japan. One can enjoy a 50 minute sea cruise from the Marine Gate Shiogama to the Matsushima Pier.
Matsushima Town experienced the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake on March 11th, 2011. Although Matsushima did not have significant damage, Higashi Matsushima City, next to Matsushima, had more than 1,100 casualties. In this excursion, you would see why these two locations had such a sharp contrast in the earthquake (the tour guide will have some explanations.

(Behind the islands is Higashi Matsushima City)
MATSUSHIMA Pleasure Cruise

Note: Changes of the excursion course could happen depending on the wether condition.