Privacy Policy

  1. All personal information pertaining to participants attending the ISPAC2019 will be treated as "PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL". Your personal information will only be used for required purposes relating to this conference.
  2. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. We will ensure the safety of your personal information against the loss, illegal access destruction, falsifying and leakage of data.
  3. We will ensure no leakage of private information during reservation, changes or cancellations through website reservation.
  4. We will ensure strict control to prevent leakage of private information of individuals’ data during the conference period and also during the sending/receiving in related documentation of payment and billing matters.
  5. We will only release necessary personal information to our subsidiary company handling this matter.
  6. We will ensure no leakage of private information to unrelated staff/company or outsiders.
  7. Participants’ requests/ instructions to eliminate/correct their private information will be promptly attended to by us.
  8. Participants’ personal information will not be used or released unnecessarily. If and when required in exceptional circumstances, the participant’s permission will be sought.