Thank you very much for participating in the ISPAC2019 International Conference.

Below are some of the key points for you to take note when filling up your Visa Support application form and the necessary documents to take along, to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Please fill in your Visa Support application form and send back your form to the Visa Support office @ e-mail: by 20th April 2019.

Application for Visa Support will not be entertained for the following reasons :

  1. It will take between 3~15 working days to send the documents by EMS, back to you.
  2. It may take a few days before applicant take the documents to the Embassy/Consulate to apply for a Visa.
  3. Visa application at the Japan Embassy/Consulate will take a week or more.
  4. If there is any problem with the document, it will take another few days for us to prepare a fresh document again.

Any problem or doubts, please contact the Visa Support Desk :

How to fill in the Visa Support Application Form

Please fill in ALL the columns (do not leave any blanks) and make sure to indicate your "Registration Number". We will not be able to help you prepare the "VISA SUPPORT" document if you do not furnish us your exact flight details or schedule in your Visa Support application form.

  1. If you do not have fixed flight details or schedule to stay in Japan, a tentative flight number or tentative schedule is accepted temporarily but in this case, we cannot guarantee if your Visa will be approved.
  2. Mailing of documents to Applicant
    Once we have received your Visa Support application form, we will start preparing your Visa Support document according to the data sent to us. Upon completion, we will return the documents back to you by EMS. It will take about between 3 ~ 16 working days by post, to your address.
  3. Application of Visa Entry at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate.
    Please check the Visa support document sent to you and inform us immediately if there is a problem. Take this Visa Support document along with the list of items stated below, to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in your country to apply for your Visa :
    1. Photograph (Size: 4.5cm x 4.5cm)
    2. Passport
    3. Certification
      1. Certified approval from your employer, university or institute (e.g. Professor, Associate, Lecturer, Researcher and Teaching Staff)
      2. Certified approval from university or institute. (Student)
  4. Visa Application form to enter Japan
    "Visa Application Form to Enter Japan" can be found on the Home Page of "Ministry Foreign Affairs of Japan."
    You will also have to fill up information regarding "Guarantor or reference in Japan" in the example shown below :
  5. NameHiroshi Jinnai
    AddressTohoku University 980-8577 Aoba2-1-1, Sendai Miyagi, Japan
    Date of Birth SexMale☑
    Relationship to applicantGeneral Chair, ISPAC2019
    Profession or occupation positionProfessor
    Nationality and immigration statusJAPAN


Visa Apprication Form(ISPAC2019).docx